Friday, February 8, 2013

Time To Weigh-In

Weigh-in Day

I know, I know.. you're saying... oh gosh, we have to do this?? Yes! To know where we are going, we have to know where we are at. Thus, it's time for us to do that dreaded thing and weigh ourselves.

Over the next few days we need to get a set of scales and measuring tape. I hate it too, but it's for our own good. And we need to weigh ourselves and see where we are starting at. We also need to measure our hips, stomach, bust and thighs. Write this down someplace and keep it to yourself. No need to announce to the world right now. But do keep track in your little book. This will help YOU stay focused.

When do we weigh ourselves?
I have found and read that first thing in the mornings are good. When you first get up you don't have that added water weight or food from your day. And you are in your light pj's so you will get a more accurate body weight.

How often do we weigh in?
Well, from what I have learned and read, this will depend on the person. Some people like to keep track every day. This holds them accountable for their day and what they eat. But on the other hand, some can become discouraged when they don't see loss every day and thus, they quit. For me, I'm good with once a week. If I watch it every single day I tend to become discouraged and fret to much over what I'm eating. And I get so obsessed with the weight loss that I will loose track of why I'm doing this. I'm doing it for the weight loss, but I’m also doing it for better health. So do what works for you. If it's once a day or week or every two weeks, do that. There is no set rule here.

Keep in mind too, as you begin to exercise you may loose weight but building muscle at the same time. So your measurements might not change right at first. And other things factor in here too.. such as women and their cycle. During that time we have bloating, water weight gain. You have to factor these things in. But as we continue down this journey, we will begin to notice our pants getting a little looser, our shirts starting to bag on us some, our shoes getting to big (yes, you loose weight in our feet too). These things are good indicators that what we are doing is working. Just don't get caught up in the number that you loose track of Why you are doing it and that's to gain back your health.

So, run out, buy that scale and see where you are. Don't get discouraged, we have a journey and a destination and that's what we need to look at!

Blessings to you,

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