Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's Get Stretching That Body!

Stretching in the morning

You want me to do what now? I want you to stretch!

Why stretching in the morning? I'm not even awake good.. I haven't had my coffee, the kids are screaming they want something to eat, I have to go to work... excuses... we all come up with them, but there are times we just have to put that all aside and do what's right for our body, and stretching is one of them.

So, why stretching in the morning?
Well, a few things here. Your body has been resting all night and when you wake up your muscles and such are still at rest. So to get them going it helps to do a little stretching. It helps loosen up muscles, get blood flowing and joints. It gets our oxygen and blood flowing to our brain and other organs. And it's good for the bowels. I'm not saying get up and do a whole workout routine, (although that's great if you can) I'm saying just get up and move a little to help your body. A good five to ten minutes can do wonders.

But I don't have time?
Well, yes you do.
You have a few minutes here and there and can squeeze them in. Here is an example of time.
1- You have gotten up, just walked out to the kitchen and drank your first 8 ounces of water and you started the coffee pot. Well, your coffee pot is brewing, you have time! While it's brewing, just stand there and do some stretching. And when the coffee is done, so are you.

2- You are getting ready for your shower. You start the shower, water is getting warm, take a few minutes to do some stretching. When your water is warm to get in, you are done.

3- Kids are screaming and wanting to eat..well, you have to put something on to fix. While things are warming up, cooking, etc.. take a few minutes standing there and stretch.

You can find a few minutes if you want too, and it doesn't call for all sorts of stretching. Just stretching to get the blood flowing, muscles moving, joints loose, and you are good to go. Now, if you have time to do a whole stretching program, then by all means do so. You will feel even better to start your day. But if not, then do what you can.

And Just a note here If you have any kind of health condition, then please, check with your doctor. You and your doctor will decide what's right for you. This is for those with no major health concerns.

So what kind of stretching? Just simple basic stretches.

1- stand up, take your hands over your head and interlace your fingers turning your palms up. Stretch the arms up as high as you can, hold for count of 5. Take your arms, still in the stretching position and slowly bend to your right, hold for count of 5, come back up to center for count of 5, then bend to your left, for count of 5. Come back to center for count of 5, then slowly bend forward until you are even with your waist (arms still stretched out and fingers interlaced) . Hold that for count of 5 and then bend to your toes for count of 5. And then back to waist for count of 5 and then stand straight up with arms over head for count of 5, then release and slowly bring your arms down to your sides.

2- Stretching the neck – Very simple here. Simply lean your head to the left for count of 5, then back to center for count of 5, then to the right for count of 5 then back to center for count of 5, the tilt head forward for count of 5, then back to center for count of 5, then tilt head back for count of 5, then back to center.

3- Leg Stretching - Here if you need to you can hold on to the counter or chair for balance. Bring your right leg up so that it's even with your hip. Your thigh is out in front of you, your calf is hanging down. Hold there for count of 5, then take your calf and stretch your leg out in front, so that your entire leg is stretched out for a count of 5, bring your calf back down so that your thigh is even with your hip again for a count of 5, put your leg down for count of 5 and do the same again. Do this for 3 reps and then switch to the other leg and do for 3 reps. This will help give movement to your knees and hips.

These are just a few that you can do, and they work great for me on just getting up. You can work with other stretches that's best suited for you. But the most important thing is to get up, and start your body to moving, the blood flowing so that you have freedom of movement, more oxygen flowing to the heart and brain and organs.

So let's get stretching and on another leg of our journey to A Year To A Better You!!


Here are some stretching routines I found on Youtube that are simple and easy.
1 - Early Morning Stretch -
2- Stretching in Bed -
3- Stretching at your desk -

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