Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now What??

Now what?

Well, now that we have decided that we want to start on that “Year To A Better You”, we have to start someplace. But where? What do we do first? It can be a bit overwhelming. But as I said before, we are going to start out with steps. One step at a time will get you to where you want to go.

Ok, so first things first.
We need to get some kind of little notebook, file on computer or phone and set down and ask ourselves these questions? Why? It gives us a good look at our lives, what we eat, how, when, etc.. And from this we can start creating our plan. You have to have a plan or you will fail. This will help us keep our objectives and what we need to do. Just begin asking yourself these questions.

1- What do I eat every day?
2- What do I drink every day and how much of it do I drink?
3- When do I eat every day?
4- Do I do any kind of physical activity?
5- Do I get enough rest every day?
6- Am I eating anything that would be considered nutritious for my body?
7- How many medications do I take every day and for what?
8-Can I come off of any of these medications in time, simply by changing my diet? (this is not for those who have serious conditions and cannot come off, but for those who are on things simply because of poor diets, etc.)
9- How much sweets do I eat during the day.
10- Do I drink any pure water during the day? ( and don't tell yourself, I get it in my tea or coffee. I'm talking just plain water)
11- Do I get up with any energy in the morning? (Do you feel just as tired when you get up as you do when you go to bed?)
12- Do I need stimulants to get me going? (such as coffee, cappuccino, energy drinks, etc.)
13- How much time do I spend in front of the TV and computer every day?
14- How often do you eat out?
15- What places do you eat out at?
16- What is the average cost when you do eat out?

Be honest with yourself here because it's your life you are working on. The more honest we are with ourselves the better this will work.

Now, for our first step..
1- Answer all these questions
2- Check out your kitchen.
What types of foods do you have? I want us to go to our cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezers and do an honest look at what foods we purchase. Do you have Live Foods or do you have Dead Foods.

Live foods are what brings actual nutrients to our bodies and Dead foods are those things that have NO nutritional value at all. They might taste good, but they do nothing for our body. If it helps, put all the Dead food in one pile and all the Live food in another pile.. what pile is bigger?

Why do we want to do this? We can begin to see what we are taking into our bodies and how we can begin to change it. And even better, start adding up ALL the cost of the Dead food and see how much you spend on tearing your body down. This can be an eye opener!

I think this will be enough to keep us busy until next week. And we can begin another step on our journey!

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