Saturday, December 15, 2012

Product of the Week - Shaklee Calming Complex®

**Product of the Week**
Shaklee Calming Complex®

 I can say without a doubt that this product works!
Several years ago I had a very, very bad sunburn. I tried other spays and creams and nothing could relieve the pain. Then I thought..I have the Calming Complex.. let's try this. It only took very little on my burns on my face, neck, shoulders and back. But almost instantly it stopped stinging and burning. I had no problems with my clothes rubbing and hurting and my sunburn was cleared up in just a few days!

Now, if it can do that for sunburn, just think what it can do for very dry, chapped, windburned skin. If you suffer from sever dry patches,

Shaklee’s Calming Complex is the ideal solution – a comforting, skin-smoothing, hypoallergenic formula that gives you the protective and soothing benefits of beta glucan, for a quick recovery from environmental stress.
It's the perfect "after" product - after sunburn, after skiing, after airplane travel, after hot/cold shifts - after anything that makes your skin irritated and craving for comfort.
Paraben free.

Clinically proven*:
  • 145% decrease in the appearance of fine lines in 28 days
  • 150% decrease in the appearance of wrinkles in 28 days
  • Significantly improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture
I strongly suggest Shaklee's Calming Complex. A little goes a long way!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Juicing Lessons

While reading new juicing recipes, I read about the "10 important things you need to know before you start juicing"

In trying to better our health here at our home and what natural ways we can help fight off colds and flu, I found this article to be very helpful with practical incites on what to do and not to do.

I found this site to be a wealth of information.

10 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Start Juicing

Happy Juicing!