Friday, November 30, 2012

Product of the Week - Defend and Resist

**Product of the week**

Like so many others, the head/throat stuff has been trying to hit my house too. I admit it, I let myself run out of some things, but I'm thanking God for healing and that my Shaklee came in this week. I try to keep the Defend and Resist, Nutriferon and Vitamin C on hand.. and when I don't.. well colds try to hit us! This product we swear by and can say from first hand that it works! This is one product added with the Nutriferon that you want to always
have in your home.

Defend & Resist Complex features four clinically proven immune-supporting ingredients. The immunoactive  arabinogalactans in extracts of echinacea, black elderberry, and larch tree stimulate the body’s natural resistance, and zinc is known to support healthy immune function.*

. Echinacea purpurea to stimulate the body’s natural resistance,* black elderberry to help maintain a healthy immune response,* and larch tree to enhance immune support*
. Swallow, chew, or crush in hot water for a soothing tea
For more information about Defend and Resist - Visit here