Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Just To Hot Outside.

With all this HOT weather it's impotant to stay hydrated while outside. Heat will zap your energy, drain you, can cause heat stroke and more. So it's important that you drink lots of fluids. They say when you become very thirsty it's to late, you're already dehydrated.

Stay away from sugar drinks as much as you can. We drink the Shaklee Performance. Keeps us hydrated and on the go. And I also keep this on hand during the winter for when someone might run a fever. Very good on keeping the body balanced and hydrated.

So please, if you have to be out in the heat, keep lots of fluides with you!

Shaklee Performance® is clinically proven to hydrate better than water. Plus, Performance has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink. Our proprietary OPTI-LYTE™ electrolyte blend plus our unique mix of carbohydrates delivers instant and sustained energy and supports optimal hydration.

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