Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shaklee VitaLea and Consumerlab.com

Did You Know?
Recently, ConsumerLab.com, an independent testing lab, released the results of a review they conducted of 38 multivitamin supplements, one of which was Shaklee Vita-Lea® with Iron.

We were pleased to see that Vita-Lea passed the tests through which ConsumerLab.com put our product, unlike 13 competitor products which were also tested. But we weren’t surprised.

An essential element of the Shaklee Difference is quality control through testing. Shaklee quality means first defining specifications for and then screening raw ingredients themselves for purity and potency, testing each batch of manufactured product to ensure that what is on the label is in the product and to ensure the product has not picked up any contaminants in the process of manufacture. Shaklee conducts over 80,000 of these tests annually, and then guarantees the performance of every product once it is in the consumer’s hands.

Shaklee’s testing of our products actually goes far beyond the kind of testing that ConsumerLab.com put Vita-Lea and other products through, and that is why we continue to rely on our own quality standards and testing.

But we thought you might be interested in hearing the positive results of this recent review.

Note: ConsumerLab.com is a third-party testing company which tests products for manufacturers of nutritional supplements for a fee, but also sometimes conducts product reviews such as this one. Shaklee did not request to be included in this review or compensate ConsumerLab.com in any way. Access to the complete results of the review is available only to those who pay ConsumerLab.com for subscription membership.

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