Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday and Friday.. wow.. still need more work!

Well, I'm keeping track of what I eat for this week and as hard as I try to eat ALL that we are supposed too, I still have a very hard time fitting in all that food! Now most people can, but for me, my stomach just wont let me. So I have to break things down and eat just bites at a time all during the day just to get it all in. And that is still not good. I thank God for how I can eat now because a few years ago I couldn't eat much at all. (that's a whole other story)

But this is what I had for Thursday:
I had a chicken sandwich for lunch, dinner was stirfry- full of veggies and I had a yogurt today.. Still no fruit, but, I did buy some today!

And for Friday:
Breakfast - peanut butter sandwich. Lunch - few bites of left over stir fry, dinner- whole wheat pasta with shrip sauce with toasted whole grain bread. Once again, no fruit.. but I do drink unsweetened fruit juice. I know it's not as good as having the fruit.

As you can see just from the past few days, I'm still not reaching the much needed food groups that's required each day. But as we go through this Healthy Eating, I'll go more into what is considered a healthy diet. And in doing this, it also gives you a place to start on how and where to change your diet.. So keep tracking what you eat each day and we'll work on this togehter.


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