Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you really eat healthy??

Just a little test here.. Do you really know if you eat ALL the foods you're supposed to? Are you getting the amounts of fruits, veggies, grains, etc.. in your diet each day?

I feel that everyone should write down every day for a week, what they eat just to see if they are eating right. So, just to see what you do intake each day, Start writing down for the rest of the week what you have for each meal and snacks. Then later this week I will post some info on what your supposed to each each day.

Even if you eat what you consider a healthy diet, you can still be lacking in many areas. So drag out a little notebook and begin to track what you consume each day.

I'm going to try and post here each day what I eat.. just so I can see how far off I am of a healthy diet. If you would like to post your eating, feel free to do so!

Tuesday - Lunch- Leftover guacamole salad with wild rice. Had tomatoes,peppers,cucumber,onions,garlic and spices.
For dinner I had squash spaghetti/sauce w/toasted wholegrain bread with olive oil and garlic. snack today was 1 slice whole wheat bread with peanut butter.
hmmm didn't get in any fruit today.

Wednesday - I had homemade manicotti, steamed green beans and stuffed eggplant with toasted rye bread with olive oil and garlic.. and I just had to treat myself.. I had a 25 cent candy bar and sprite today. Seeing I had been on the run all day, didn't leave me much time to eat anything else. So, once again.. no fruit..not enough grains and not the full serving of veggies.

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