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Don't Say "Diet", That's a No, No, Word

Diet, the No, No Word,
Now this is an old post that I done on another blog some time ago. I feel that it's a great post and have had numbers of people contact me about it and ask for help. So, I felt it was worth re-posting on my new blog.

We have made great changes, but still more to go and as a family we are still working together.

Hope you enjoy,

Well, I have been working with my family on changing some things in our lives and our eating habits is the biggest one. Now, I have learned over the years don't tell your family or yourself we/I are going on a diet.. That is a big No, No word to most people. Say the word diet and all of a sudden everyone thinks I have to deprive myself of all the good things to eat. And this just doesn't work. This scares people thinking all they can have to eat is rabbit food so to speak haha.. but when you make it your goal to change things in your life and take it in steps, you'll get much further.

But what I have learned is to tell my family we are just changing a few things. We are going to eat better. Now, I'm a vegetable person, but hubby likes to sneak out and get those snacks. But we are getting older and I think it has hit him this past few months that things have to change. When you're young you think nothing will ever touch you and never hurt you, but as we all know, years come on us fast and our thinking begins to change.

Most every Sunday we go out for lunch after church.. but after tying to take care of some of my health matters I told my husband I don't want to get fast food all the time. I want a place that serves veggies and such. Not to many places like that around here. I told him, I'm working on building my health and I don't want a cholesterol burger and a side of thunder thighs and every time you want to go to those places, that's just what you're asking me to eat. Yes I know they have salads but I wanted something with more substance and filling.

So we all sat down just before the holidays and began talking. We agreed to begin to eat better. Yes, I cook veggies and fruits in the house and we take our supplements, but we needed more. The first words was.....Oh No, not another diet!! and my response to them was No, it's not a diet. We are simply going to eat better. We are all going to cut back on snacks and eat better ones. That they could live with. The diet word just seems to be a No, No word.

So, with all of us setting there we devised a plan for eating better. And when you all work together it seems to be so much easier. But we all agreed that we would not start this until after the holidays. Just to much going on, parties and such to go to. So holidays are not a good time to do that.

So, our plan is
1- we all agreed that we would break it down into workable meals. So what we came up with is this.
Monday - Green Night - here we eat all veggies and no meat.
Tuesday - Salad Night - Here we find all kinds of salad recipes and will be working those in. And they can include meat
Wednesday - Casserole Night - here we find all kinds of casserole recipes and they will be veggie based, with some meats added and salads
Thursday - Soup Night - Here we can have all kinds of soups/stews along with salad
Friday - Meat night - we work this with baked meats, all the veggies we want along with salad
Saturday - Pasta/Stir Fry Night - Here we'll use whole wheat past dishes. Adding more veggies than meat. Or we'll have Stir Fry.
Sunday - FREE Day. We can go out to eat, but it still has to be healthy foods and we can have a treat

On top of this, we are getting out walking more. Now I know in the winter this can be hard for some, but we live in a part of the country where we don't have tons of snow or ice, so we can walk more. It's a brisk walk in the early morning for me and hubby and my daughter works out at school, but comes home and rides her bike. And for me I have added Palates during the day.

Now most will ask, what about desserts.. well, we have gone to fruit salads after dinner, I make low fat and sugar recipes. I just change up the ingredients to make it fit in. And there are tons of great recipes on the net that you can find. We still eat wholesome meals and have great snacks too. So it doesn't seem like you're on a diet. And when the girls come home from school and want something to eat, I fix them a Meal Shake drink in no fat milk and I add 1/2 banana and few frozen strawberries. Mix that up along with some apple wedges or oranges and the girls are set. Gives them all the protein and vitamins they need and cuts any sugar cravings too. And you can keep whole wheat cereal on hand..this works great and filling. And for breakfast I fix them a Soy Protien drink with some added fruit and works great. Very filling and cuts the sugar cravings as well.

So it is possible to change your families health and not use the No, No word "diet". It just takes changes and it takes commitment on your part as well. Start out by talking to your family. Have everyone set down and help plan. Have the kids help choose recipes. Ask your spouse to help you pick out different dishes. If they have a favorite dish, don't just do away with it. Save it for special occasions or your free night. You don't have to deprive yourself of all those yummy food, just make some easy changes and you'll begin to see the difference in just a few weeks.

Happy Changes To You,

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