Monday, May 25, 2009

Why A Mediterranean Diet.

So many people today are searching for the right diet. They try no carbs, lots of carbs, no protein, and lots of protein, cabbage soup diets, and all sorts of other diets. We search and search, but we never look at what actually works. A simple life change diet.

What’s wrong with us here in America?
Processed foods!! We eat all kinds of processed food, fast foods, boxed foods, and quick microwave foods. Foods high in fats, sugars and chemicals. And we wonder why we never get healthy or loose weight. We try everything but the right thing. And we don’t take the time to cook actual foods ourselves.

I know how everyone feels; I have been there before myself. Trying to take care of job, family, home and running. Just to come home and pop what I could on for dinner. But over time I began to see changes in our health and I knew there were things that had to be done. I poured over diets, talked to doctors and it wasn’t until I began reading about the Mediterranean diet that I realized this is what we need.

Why the Mediterranean diet?
Well, it’s a life change. People have been doing it for centuries and living better and longer. They take time to prepare fresh foods; they spend time together while eating. They take their time to eat and it’s not a rush through thing. They have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, better over all health and they live longer.

So just what is this Mediterranean diet?
It’s a diet that puts fresh foods together. More fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, herbs and spices. Meats are not the main course of the meals. They are the sides. It’s more fresh fish and seafood. And fish that’s not deep-fried. They don’t use processed sugars, they use honey. And desserts are fresh fruits and the one main thing in a Mediterranean diet is olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olive oil is known to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and great for your skin. And it’s filled with vitamins and antioxidants. And they drink red wine with their meals. The wine in moderation, but it’s very good for your digestive system.

So how do you start shopping for Mediterranean diet?
The biggest thing is, don’t purchase processed foods. Stay away from the boxed stuff, sugar cereals, breakfast pop tarts, white breads and pastas, white processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, lard, margarine, soft drinks, candies and such. I know, I just wiped out the largest part of everyone’s shopping list. But believe me, It can be done.

A general rule of thumb is to stick to the produce sections, purchase whole grain breads and pasta. Purchase more herbs and seasonings for your foods. Go with more deep ocean fish and seafood. Use leaner cuts of meats. Use whole-wheat flour instead of bleached all purpose flour. Simply put, purchase foods you have to cook yourself and not already done for you.

Set down and begin planning a menu. See where you can make changes in your diet. Introduce new vegetables into your families’ meals gradually. Purchase a bread machine and begin making your own bread. It’s not hard, just fill and let it make. And you can even find a good one on Ebay. Search the Internet for menu plans, recipes, and cookbooks. Two cookbooks that I use are “The Best 125 Meatless Mediterranean Dishes” and Sarah Woodward – “The Classic Mediterranean Cookbook” . They are both wonderful and helpful. I would suggest looking for them on . And begin searching for Vegetarian menus. These will have wonderful recipes.

What will happen when I do this?
By making a life change to a more Mediterranean diet lifestyle, you will begin to see changes in your health and your family. You will begin to have more energy, loose weight and enjoy life more. Why? Because you stop to take the time for the most important thing in your life… you and your family.

Patty Dooley - Independent Shaklee Distributor

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