Friday, April 3, 2009

Natural ways to fight head lice.

I know this is not a subject that most like to think about, but it can happen to the best of us at times when you have children in school, day care, camps, etc.. But there are ways that you can help get rid of head lice besides the pesticide treatments.

Once you have checked and determined that your child has lice, there are a few things you need to do to keep others in your home from catching it. The one most important thing is to not share a comb or hairbrush. For little girls, don’t share headbands. For little boys, don’t share caps. But just a note here, Lice cannot live in your mattress, pillows or bedcovers. But it’s always best to wash them

1- Wash all bedding in hot water and make sure you change the sheets, blankets and covers.
2- Remove all combs and brushes. Seeing you can purchase new inexpensive ones, I would make a trip to the store instead of trying to boil them.
3- Wash all clothes the child has had on and any hats, coats and sweaters during the winter months.
4- And I would wash all towels that they have come in contact with. And until you know you have the head lice gone. I would make sure the child uses their own towels for a week or so. This way it’s not passed on to others in the home.

Natural treatments:
This is just a simple list of natural ways that I have searched out on getting rid of head lice. I would suggest doing the treatment several times until you’re sure that they are all gone. But the best way of all to remove head lice is by setting down and combing one section at a time until you have the head cleared. Leaving just one egg behind can cause your child’s re-infestation in 2 weeks. So it is very important that for 2 weeks you continue to comb and treat until you are sure there are no eggs left. Always check behind ears and at the back of the hairline. As this is where you will find many of them.

1 – Conditioner. Here you can use dollar store conditioner. (If you can, get a conditioner with Tea Tree Oil). Apply to child’s hair while it’s dry. Using a lg. Tooth comb, comb through hair to make sure it’s completely saturated. Use a small nit comb (I suggest the ones with metal combs. They can run around $8 at local store) to comb through hair. Wipe comb clean after each swipe. Start at the top of the child’s head and follow the scalp without lifting comb out of hair. Follow down to the ends with each swipe. This can help remove the lice and eggs. You can leave conditioner on over night and comb through again in the morning. Then wash and rinse hair. This may have to be done several times to get rid of all the lice.

2 – Tea Tree Oil - If you can find it, purchase shampoo with tea tree oil, but if you can’t, you can add 8 – 10 drops to a bottle of shampoo. Wet the child’s hair, and while shampoo is on their head, comb through with nit comb. If hair becomes dry, simply spray with water in spray bottle and continue to comb. After combing, wash child’s head and rinse. Continue to comb after rinsing. And depending on the severity of them, you may need to do this several times. And to keep head lice away, use the Tea tree oil Shampoo often.

3- Listerine – This I have read that you can use this to fight lice. Wash and rinse child’s hair. Towel dry and then saturate with Listerine. Cover child’s hair with shower cap for 2 hours. Then remove cap and comb with nit comb. The next day, wash and rinse the child’s hair again. Then spray the child’s head with Listerine and comb through again. Depending on the infestation, this may take a couple of treatments.

4- Mayonnaise and oils. I know I have read about people using mayo and different oils to help fight. The biggest thing with these treatments is smothering the lice and making the hair slick so that you can comb through and remove eggs and bugs. With using oils though, you will have to wash the hair several times to ensure you get all the oils out.

I would try using the most natural and safe way possible for your child on trying to fight lice. It’s safer for them and over the years lice have built up immunity to many OTC treatments. If you have a tried and true treatment, we would love to hear from you. Post your comments on your lice treatments to share with our readers.

Patty Dooley - Independent Shaklee Distributor


  1. i've heard blow dryer can also help in eliminating the head lice. Is it true? XD

  2. i used listerine in my head to get rid of head lice, and it really did work. its very cold though. like your head is in a freazer. but its still good cuz they got rid of my problem

  3. I've heard many kinds of treatment for head lice but i never tried one hehehe!!coz brother is near to his teenage life and a head lice problem is one of his biggest disaster

  4. My daughter always using hairspray and after a few months she complained that her scalp became itchy...i think it’s the head lice attacking her hair. I think it’s the kind of hair spray or hair spray can attract head? Is there any head lice treatment. My daughter always using hairspray and after a few months she complained that her scalp became thinks it’s the head lice attacking her hair. I think it’s the kind of hair spray or hair spray can attract head lice treatment ?

  5. Head lice are those nasty little parasites that can make every parents skin crawl, in fact, it’s said that 1 in 4 Primary / Elementary School children will carry head lice at any one time!!!! That’s 20 – 40 percent of children that could be infected.