Friday, April 10, 2009

Benefits of Alfalfa

Centuries ago, the Arabs used alfalfa as feed for their horses, because they claimed that alfalfa made the animals swift and strong. They then tried the alfalfa herb themselves and became so convinced of alfalfa's benefits to their health and strength that they named the grain for its health qualities. The ancient Greeks used alfalfa to treat a variety of diseases including bladder and kidney conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine uses alfalfa to treat kidney stones.

With roots reaching as deep as 20 feet into the soil, the roots of the alfalfa plant, A.K.A. the "father of all foods," brings forth minerals in their most natural form. Recognized for centuries for its healing properties, alfalfa offers a wide range of nutrients: calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, trace minerals, and vitamins.

* Alfalfa is one of natures richest sources of vitamins C,B,D,E, K,U and betain (a tissue salt). It also provides more vitamin A than apricots and nearly as much as beef liver.

* Alfalfa contains a wealth of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and manganese. Minerals, which acts as a catalysts for many reactions within the body such as digestion, metabolism and utilization of nutrients in food.

* In addition to high potency of vitamins and minerals, alfalfa is a terrific complete protein food (containing every essential amino acid).

Some of the benefits of taking alfalfa is, It helps aid in digestion, Allergies, Sinus, Ulcers, Chronic indigestion, Water Retention, Arthritis and so much more.

What is Alfalfa good for?
Good source of calcium, Essential for strong bones, proper nerve function, weight control and sleep. Aids gently in abaiding allergies, aids in digestion, cleanses colon, provides essential macronutrients, and improves breath. Good source of fiber, provides additional source of colon cleansing, improves regularity, low in calories.

And is also good for:
Swelling, Pain and stiff joints
Stomach ailments
Colon problems
Gas pains
Hiatal hernia
Water retention
Swollen ankles
Swollen feet
Sinus problems
Hay fever
Body odor & Smelly feet
Bad breath
Acid reflux

When purchasing Alfalfa, look for an alfalfa that has been grown naturally with no chemicals to maintain nutrient and chlorophyll rich leaves.

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