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Safe, Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Well for many of us here in the south it’s time for spring-cleaning. Time to open the windows (if you can stand the pollen), put up all those winter clothes, and just let the house air out.

Now, we want our houses to smell fresh from those months of being closed up. We want to clean, but we need to do it in a safe way without putting toxins in the house, which is worse for you than being closed up with all that dust from the winter. Many people run out and buy window cleaner, liquid cleaners, powdered cleaners, carpet fresheners, bleach, and everything else. And that can run into some big bucks just to clean. I’m going to share with you how you can spring clean and use just one to two cleaners to do it all. And do it in a safe, natural and non-toxic way.

First, start out by cleaning out your vacuum. You can clean out many of the filters by washing them or replacing with a new one. This will help to get all that dust and pollen.

Then start your spring-cleaning by using some straight backing soda on your carpets. This will help absorb orders.

Then, if possible, take your curtains down for washing. Remove any pictures/plaques, etc.. for dusting later.

While your curtains are washing, use 1 TBL of Basic-H2 in a gallon of water and wash your walls. This helps get all that dust and grease build up off your walls. Once your walls are done, wash your windows. Do this by mixing 2 drops of Basic-H2 in a 16 oz. Spray bottle of water. And with this same spray bottle of Basic-H2 clean your pictures. And to wash your figurines and plaques, add 1 TBL of Basic-H2 in a sink filled with warm water and simply wash and rinse and dry.

Now, I have mostly cotton curtains in my home. And I use the Liquid Laundry and the Fabric Softener and I hang my curtains right back up without drying them in the dryer. So in essence I let them air dry and they have a nice light clean scent to them. For me this cuts ironing time.

For storing my winter clothes, I use tubs but I put in a fabric softener sheet. This gives a very light fresh scent to them when I take them out for winter use.

Now for light dusting around my house, I use the Basic-H2 wipes. This is nice for those quick jobs, but for dusting the entire house, I use the 2 drops in the 16 oz. spray bottle of water and spray it onto my rag and just dust as usual.

For cleaning my tile, linoleum and wood floors, I use 1 TBL of Basic-H2 in a gallon of water and simply clean as usual. I don’t have to go back and do any rinsing, as you need to do with other commercial cleaners.

When cleaning the grout or tub I use the Scour-Off. There is no messy powders or powder fumes that can cause you to cough and choke when using it. Simply use a plastic scrubber or pads and use the Scour-Off paste straight from the container. And it has a wonderful light scent.

When cleaning cooktops (non glass) and ovens, I use the Scour-Off. I use my scrubbing pad and add some warm water and clean the top and my oven. For my oven, I let it soak just a bit with water and then come back and clean and rinse with warm water. Now for those cooktops that are glass, Use the Basic-H2 by adding ¼ tsp. Into a 16 oz. spray bottle of water. Let soak for a few moments, then just wipe clean.

Clean your mini blinds by adding 1 TBL of cleaner into your tub with warm water. Wash blinds and let them hang outside to air dry.

And when cleaning the baby’s room, simply use the Basic-H2 for everything. From the windows, baby bed, floors to toys. And you wont have to worry about heavy fumes from cleaning products and chemicals left behind on the floors, toys and beds. The last thing you want is a toxic chemical smell on your child’s bed or baby mattress.

Make your Spring-cleaning easy. Take one room at a time. Work that one room until you have it all done, and then go onto the next. Trying to take it all on in one weekend can be overwhelming. So I find it better to do a little at a time. Start out by going through the clothes first, getting those put up and out of your way. Then you don’t have to go back and mess everything up you just cleaned.

So there you have it, Spring-cleaning and your home smells clean and fresh without all the heavy chemical smells and toxins. And you did not have to spend a fortune to do it. You have used 2 basic products to do it all.

To find out more about what products to use, visit our Home Care

And for a handy usage guide, contact me at and I’ll be happy to send one to you.

Happy Spring,

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