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What Stress Robs, B-Complex Restores

Why you may need B-Complex

Stress depletes the B Vitamins. Sugar depletes the B Vitamins. Alcohol and refined carbohydrates deplete the B Vitamins. Antibiotics may decrease B vitamins, which are water soluble and not stored in the body.

Like good family members, the B vitamins work more effectively together than separately. The B vitamins are water soluble and easily lost from foods and the body. And prolonged physical stress that speeds up your metabolic rate can rob your body of the B's. That's why they must be constantly replenished through diet. To get all B vitamins, you must eat a variety of foods- whole grains, dark green vegetables, animal products- every day. Or consider supplementation.

What Stress Robes, B-complex Restores
Nutrition Alert - Do you have these things going on in your life?
Mood changes, Irritability, Nervousness, Fatigue, Depression, Mental Confusion, Headaches, Dizziness, Trembling, Loss of Appetite, Insomnia, Stress, Hypoglycemia, Anxiety Attacks, Cracks at the corner of the mouth, Low Immunity, Hair Loss, Anemia, and Dieting.

Adding B-Complex has many benefits, such as
Needed to convert food to energy,
Alleviates sugar cravings,
Formation of protective antibodies and healthy red blood cells,
normal growth in children,
Reduces risk of heart disease,
May be beneficial for treatment of PMS, morning sickness, anemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression and hearing loss.
And helps prevent birth defects, cervical dysplasia and colon cancer.
And needed to reduce homocysteine levels.

If you are a person with high stress levels, you are sure to benefit from adding a good B-complex to your diet. Drinking coffee or alcohol increases the need for the B vitamins. Taking birth control pills, sulfa drugs and sleeping medications increase the need for the vitamin B complex. A good B complex is important for proper nervous system and immune system function.

Most people who start taking a good B-Complex Vitamin begin to notice stress levels drop, they have more clarity of mind, and energy levels begin to rise. If you are having problems with your health try looking to your diet and see if you need to make changes. Some of your problems can be easily solved just by adding a good B-Complex Vitamin

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