Wednesday, January 7, 2009

$100 In Free Health and Wellness Products, Cosmetics, Cleaning Products

I have a business that's very close to my heart and with this business I am able to offer family, friends and everyone else a way to earn $100 of their choice of products.

How do you ask?
With our 21-CD program... it's easy!

Many want a way to improve their health, or want to try new products to see if they truly work... but in order to do that many times you have to purchase the product and then if you don't like it, you can't return it..

Well, with our 21-CD program you have the opportunity to do just that.You can learn about products that help you, your family and friends.. you can learn how you can clean your home with safe products and not have to worry about all those chemicals.

Simply listen, learn and earn.You don't have to join anythingYou don't have to pay anything for the productsYou simply listen to a total of 21-Cd's and learn about what you can do to change your life.

You are sent a packet with 3 cd's, listen to those 3 as you have time, write a bit that impressed you, send back the packet, receive another and do that same thing untill you have completed 7 packets. Do this in YOUR OWN TIME!

I would love to be able to share this program with you. And show you how you can listen, learn and earn and try $100 in YOUR CHOICE of free products.

Contact me to learn more at
and I'll send all the information you need.

Start 2009 off to feeling better and helping those around you!

Patty Dooley

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